Melodies of The Mind: Connections Between Psychoanalysis and Music

Melodies of the Mind is an exploration of the power of music to move us emotionally when words fall short. It offers unique perspectives on how music “works” as well as the intersection of music and mind.  An important message of the book suggests ways to better understand and address psychological, social, cultural, and educational issues that are relevant in everyday life. Melodies of the Mind emphasizes the crucial importance of attending to mental health throughout life and particularly during our time of social and political upheaval around the world. Knowledge of the mind and music can play an important role in promoting understanding, tolerance, and problem-solving with individuals and groups.


“Speaking from a musician’s viewpoint…I can say it combines scholarship and readability to an extent not often found in a volume dealing with such erudite subject matter.”

Joseph W. Polisi

President Emeritus, The Juilliard School

“I am loving the book…as someone who thinks of themselves as musically illiterate, it is completely eye opening.”

Carol Seigel

Director of Freud Museum, London, UK

“Beautiful…unique book…special insightful way of synthesizing musical knowledge and careful listening, with psychoanalytic theory and clinical work.“

Dorit Noy-Sharav, M.A.

Clinical Psychologist, Jerusalem, Israel, and Pinchas Noy, M.D. – Training Analyst and author, Jerusalem, Israel

“Julie Nagel’s “Melodies of the Mind” brings music to the core of psychoanalysis: a revolution in a field where creativity seems to be irremediably lost.”

Riccardo Lombardi, M.D.

Psychoanalyst and Writer, Rome, Italy

Melodies of the Mind has changed the way I listen to music!”

Cecelia Bistner

Board Certified American Speech-Language Hearing Association
, Owner, Accents Matter

“I highly recommend that the musicians and practitioners of the Performing Arts Medicine Association read this book.”  (Read full review at Science and Medicine)

Susan D. Raeburn, PhD